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All file operations are called up via this popup.

Naturally FrankLIN has its own internal file format, adding one to the vast array of custom file formats ...

But seriously: Unfortunately FrankLIN has to be alloted its own file format (extender CKD), otherwise all control curves created with FrankLIN-specific tools would only be saved in the Calamus pixel display mode. But to guarantee the ability to make changes later, we have been forced to introduce a custom format which also saves the details of the FrankLIN-internal tools.

With FrankLIN you can edit all CK? control curves used in Calamus. Depending on where FrankLIN was called from, only certain control curve types are offered for editing.

These entries permit the loading and saving of the CK? control curves. You are forced to use them frequently, so after two months at most they will be worn out. But they still continue to function!

For further editing you can also load and save gradation curves from DA's Layout and control curves from PhotoLine.

Naturally FrankLIN can also save the data entrusted to it or load new data. For this Calamus's own CK? format is available on the one hand, but in addition there is also FrankLIN's own custom format (CKD); this became necessary as the CK? format is not capable of supporting control point data. Naturally control curves that were created in Spline mode can also be saved in the CK? format, only they will be converted first to Freehand curves. On reloading these control curves their reference points will be lost.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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