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Calipso 3, which was developed lately, is one of the most important modules for Calamus. It offers for the first time a way of loading and saving PDF documents completely, or in parts, into Calamus as a full Calamus document (CDK).

With Calipso 3, you can place documents generated in PDF format by other systems into Calamus. But even if the other program cannot produce PDF itself, you can nevertheless often use its output files by converting them into a PDF document with the help of external tools such as Adobe Acrobat Distiller or similar converters.

As far as possible, Calipso 3 imports the text it finds in the PDF as WYSIWYG vectored texts, which you will then find in a Calamus Vector frame. It means that PDFs, when opened in Calamus, are as faithful to the original as possible, provided that the fonts used in the PDF are embedded, or if PDF standard fonts were used. Otherwise, the text vectors are drawn with a substitute font, so the document's appearance will then inevitably differ from the original.

Important: Make sure when producing PDFs that the fonts used are always embedded.

You can also change the Vector Text frame with a mouse click into a standard Calamus Text frame. The contiguous text which was recognized by Calipso 3 can then be edited normally – directly in the layout, or in the text editor Eddie. The text is displayed in the current text style – a WYSIWYG representation with the font used in the PDF is not presently possible.

Vector Graphics from PDFs are placed similarly in Calamus Vector frames. Raster data are imported as fine data and are placed in front in a Calamus Raster Graphic frame.

PDF notes (Annotations) are imported as well by Calipso 3, and made available in the Calamus document as Notio notepad memos.

All PDF data imported by Calipso 3 can be further edited and changed using all of the usual methods in Calamus.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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