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Line starts and ends

Calamus can display the beginning and end of a line in straight, rounded or arrow form. The first three icons define the beginning of a line and the other three define the end (recognizable by the small arrows within the icon). See also the Line type icons (above) to determine which terminus of a line is the beginning and which is the end; an arrow appears at the end of line in its Line type icon.

Note that with a rounded end, the centre of the semi-circle will be exactly at the corner or edge of the frame. The same applies to arrows, in which case the middle of the arrowhead will be at the frame's corner or edge. As a result, part of the line can extend beyond the frame's edge. Arrowheads can not be made smaller than a certain value to make sure that they still remain visible. This may make them appear much larger on the screen than they will on the output device; change to a 1:1 display to preview the actual output.

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