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Module Information

This icon displays the mandatory module information dialogue. If you need to inquire about the module, please always include the version number of this module, so that the support team can ascertain if your version needs to be updated or a upgraded.

From the info dialog, you can open several web pages directly, when you use Calamus under Windows.

Module icon

A click on the module icon in the upper left corner of the info dialog opens the product information page of the module or driver in our website – where you can find further information about the module or driver.

invers logo

A click on the invers logo opens the home page of

Manual online (HTML)

Click this button to directly open the module's or driver's manual in our website if any HTML version of the manual exists there.

Updates to our modules and drivers are generally free of charge. You receive all free updates of any optional modules and drivers you purchase automatically when we deliver any software you have ordered.

Upgrades to modules and drivers are chargeable. You will be informed about new products, upgrades and updates via postal mailings and our Calamus Newsletter in the Internet. We recommend that you visit our website (http:\\ and subscribe to the free Calamus Newsletter. After that you will receive all information sent promptly by email to your house. Therefore, select the subject "News" on our website and then choose the sub menu entry "Subscribe\Unsubscribe".

Tip: Check first on the Calamus website that you are working with the current version of the module or driver. You can find the UpToDate list always under:

Or use the Version Checker module to ascertain the current status of your modules and drivers.

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