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Adjust Text Angle To Path
Align Objects To Left Edge
Align Objects To Lower Edge
Align Objects To Right Edge
Align Objects To Upper Edge
Apply Colour to Groups
Apply Colour to Protected Objects
Automatic Character Set Recognition
Automatic Character Sizing

Béziers Per Circle
Blend Angle
Blend Colour Stages
Blend Colours
Blend List Handling
Blend Position
Blend Type - Conical
Blend Type - Linear
Blend Type - Radial
Blend Type - Radial Square
Blend Type - Square
Blend Types

Center Objects
Center Objects Horizontally
Center Objects Vertically
Change Direction
Change Object Proportionally
Change Object To Vector Graphic
Change Text Object Into Path Object
Change Text Path Direction
Character Set Overview
Clear Colour Blend List
Close / Round Path
Close Path
Closing the Colour Blend Dialogue
Colour Blend List
Colour Blend Object
Colour Blend Object Special Functions
Colour Blend Parameters
Colour Gradation
Colour Presentation of Path Elements
Coordinates Refer to
Copy / Import / Export Objects
Copy Colour Blend Objects
Copy Grid Object
Copy Object to LineArt Clipboard
Copy Paths
Copy Type for Import
Create Bézier
Create Colour Blend Copy
Create Colour Blend Group
Create Fill Colour Blend
Create Grid
Create Line
Create New Vector Graphic from Original
Create Object
Curves Per Object
Cut Path From Object
Cut Paths

Default Colour Blend
Delete Colour Blend List Item
Delete Colour Blend Objects
Delete Grid Objects
Delete Objects
Delete Path
Delete Points
Delete Text Object

Edit Grid
Edit Text Path
Editing Objects in the Path Editor
Export Colour Blend List
Export Objects and Frames

Fill Polygons
Fill Polygons (Grid Editor)
Fit Frame To Object Size

Grid Parameters
Group Object
Group Objects

Import Colour Blend List
Import Frame from Page
Import Frame via Calamus Clipboard
Importing Frames into Vectorgraphics
Insert Points
Insert Text At Cursor Position
Insert Vector Graphic
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Join Paths

Keep Roundings
Kerning On/Off
Key Assignment for Path Text Processing

Left and Right Margin Setting
Line <-> Bézier
Lines Per Object
Load Colour Blend

Manual online (HTML)
Mirror Colour Blend Horizontally
Mirror Colour Blend Vertically
Mirror Text Object Horizontally
Mirror Text Object Vertically
Module icon
Module Information

Number of Blend Objects

Object Corners
Object Editor
Object Indicators
Object Representation
Object Surface Colour
Object Surface Outline
Object To Back
Object To Front
Objects in the LineArt Clipboard
Objects One Layer Back
Objects One Layer Up

Parallel Distortion
Path Editor
Path Editor Parameters
Path Object
Path Object Special Functions
Path Text Objects General Note
Path Text Parameters
Place Objects Relatively Horizontally
Place Objects Relatively Vertically
Place Objects To Path
Place Text On Path
Project Objects To Grid
Proportional Font On/Off
Protect Object
Protected Objects in a Colour Blend Copy
Protected Objects in a Colour Blend Group

Restore Colour Blend Parameters
Rotate Object
Round Curves Automatically

Save Colour Blend
Save Colour Blend List as
Select / Change Object
Select / Move Points
Select Objects
Set Colour Blend Parameters
Set Default Parameters
Set Grid Parameters
Set Objects To Same Height
Set Objects To Same Width
Set Path Editor Parameters
Set Path Text Parameters
Set Points
Show Edited Objects Only
Show Mouse & Keyboard Bindings
Show Path Direction
Show Tangents
Show Tangents (Grid Editor)
Spread Objects Horizontally
Spread Objects Vertically
Stretch Object
Structure of the Vector Graphic

Text Centered
Text Left Justified
Text Object
Text Object Special Functions
Text Right Justified
Toolbox Functions
Toolbox Special Functions
Transformation Object
Transformation Object Special Functions
Transformation of Filling Processes
Trapezoidal Distortion

Undo Colour Blend Filling
UNDO Function
Undo Last Alignment
Ungroup an Object Group
Unite Objects

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