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Path Object Special Functions

You reach this command group by clicking on the Toolbox symbol in the special functions when the icon (see below) for path objects or group objects has been selected.

The functions of this group determine which basic vector object shape will be drawn when a new object frame is created. There are 18 types of object available here. On the whole, these objects correspond to those in the scan area module.

If one of these icons is selected, then drawing an object frame (Create Object) will create the selected shape within the frame. Fill pattern and colour, as well as the line type and colour, are taken from the settings in their respective command group. Naturally, an accurate circle is produced only with a square object frame. If the frame is a rectangle, an ellipse will be produced. In addition to the objects which you know from the raster area module, you can also produce objects which are lines, segments of a circle, and circle outlines. You can change the parameters of these new objects as required using the functions for fill and outline from the special functions group.

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