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The Navigator offers comprehensive settings for caching the preview data that are to be described in the following sections. First of all, however, a short introductory explanation about Navigator's cache handling: Caches are (small) graphics that were created at some time and from then on can be used in place of the original data. Particularly with complex data structures, such as a page filled extensively with vector graphics for instance, this can result in enormous speed advantages at times, as Calamus only has to build up and assemble the data once only. After this has been done, the caches are made available to Calamus very quickly when required. You should be familiar with this principle already from general screen output in Calamus.

It is important, however, that the Navigator caches, whose contents may have changed, are nursed regularly. Otherwise, the output of what should be a page preview suddenly no longer bears any resemblance at all to what should really be displayed. The Navigator has several functions that are responsible for updating the preview:

  1. If Cache mode of other page(s) is switched on, every change to another page will update the cache(s) of the page(s) just left.
  2. At the expiry of the set timer interval, the caches of the currently active page(s) will be refreshed provided that Cache mode of current page(s) is switched on. By the way, it is really sufficient to refresh only the current caches after the set interval, as the caches of the pages not currently visible have either not changed, or were refreshed already when browsing through the pages (see 1.)
  3. In addition the corresponding caches will be recalculated when the user requests this explicitly from Navigator by selecting Refresh cache of current page(s) or Refresh cache of current document.

While the computer is calculating the cache, a small status window may appear to show how much longer the calculation of the caches will take:

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HomeActions/SettingsShow pages in preview modeCache mode of current page(s) on/off