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If you have adjusted and tested all parameters successfully, you're ready to output your personalized documents. But you should always start and proceed carefully, because the devil is in the details. The following check list is recommended from many years of practice:

  1. Make sure that the printer parameters in the Print dialog are really adjusted as needed.
  2. You should at least now print another proof copy to see if the printer prints out correctly positioned on your original paper. Optionally, you still need to change any document parameter or move its frames so that the output is correctly positioned.
  3. If you want to print out documents with multiple pages or use the so-called duplex print mode e.g. to personalize or enumerate front and back side of a sheet in one step on your laser printer, you should make yourself familiar with the mechanism of the printer and its duplex method. Often you will have to fill in the paper the other way round than in the manual paper feed slot of the printer. Create a mnemonic. The top area of a print sheet e.g. is called head by print workers, while they call the bottom area foot. If you printer wants to be feeded head first or face down, that's much easier to remember.
  4. If you are really sure that everything is ready for printing, you can – especially when printing just simple one-sided sheets – let Calamus, PersoNum and your printer work alone until it runs out of paper.
  5. When you output multiple pages, duplex prints and other tricky print methods, you should stay near the machine and watch suspiciously if the printer doesn't feed two sheets at once or misfeeds, which might cause laborious abortion and and proceeding of the print job.

Hint: If you do not want to print out on paper from Calamus but rather want to create PDFs or other printable files as intermedia format, please note that you may not be able to create multi-page or continuously enumerated print files. PersoNum has not yet been linked to the Calamus Print dialog.

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