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If you want to test your document prior to the real printing, in order to see if everything is properly personalized and/or enumerated, there are various options to do so.

  1. You can do test printouts. Use e.g. the Test printing option. Proof prints are mainly useful if you still have to check whether the printed layout elements are properly placed on the paper.
  2. In the dialog Numbering machines you can test, whether your numbering machines settings are correct, without wasting paper already.
  3. In the test mode, you can directly test the current document without the need to print it. This usually is the most practical way to proceed because the document changes directly on screen and you can see if all placeholders will be filled correctly, without wasting a single snippet of paper.

Testing is as easy as possible. Normally, you just have to load the document which you want to test, set up your numbering machines and import data correctly and can start testing.

Click this icon in the commands field to start the first test run-through. The document will change and show exactly as it would be output by PersoNum on printing. Another click updates the document with the next data records or numbering steps. When all records of your database file have been tested, you will hear a beep and the last record will be personalized in the document.

Important: Don't forget to click the UNDO icon in the commands field to remove the personalization data, before you start to change content in your original document. Click once on the following icon.

What exactly happens on testing?

First of all, a backup copy of the current document will be created, with the same file name as the current document, but using the suffix _PER_BAK.CDK. So Test.CDK becomes Test_PER_BAK.CDK. You'll never know. Then you can test the document to the top of your bent. Because you always test just a backup version of the real document, you cannot damage anything.

On testing, all normal text frames in the whole document will be replaced by copies in which your inserted placeholders will be replaced with the relevant data by simple text replacement mechanisms. The original text frames are no longer visible in the test mode and will be restored before each next test run-through, also when you click the UNDO icon.

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