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Raster area shadow

Raster areas can throw shadows. You can control the precise placement and colour of any shadow placed around a raster area. The Raster area shadow function group is used for this, which divides roughly into two parts: Direction and offset.

In the lower area you can choose the direction in which the shadow is to fall. The eight outer icons represent the eight possible shadow directions. The selected icon will be shown outlined. If you do not want a shadow, click on the centre icon.

How far the shadow is to fall in the selected direction can be set in the two editable fields just above.

The unit of measurement following the number is the one that has been set in the Page module. You can choose the shadow offset freely both in width (X direction) as well as height (Y direction). You can also choose whether the shadow should always fall at the same (absolute) offset or whether the offset should depend on the character size of the font (relative).

To switch between absolute and relative shadow offsets, click on the measurement unit of the desired direction. This will then change from the absolute value (mm, pt or other unit defined in the Page module) to %. This percentage value refers to the selected character size, so a shadow offset of 100 % will be exactly 12 points for a 12-point font. Please complete the entry with [Return], after which the newly set values will take effect.

In this function group you can select the type of shadow thrown by a raster area.

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