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Raster areas



Here you will see how you can create and modify circles, rectangles and other areas.

Raster areas, often underestimated, are among the most useful creative elements in DTP. They help to subdivide and define your document. You can make important passages stand out by placing a light raster area under them. You can also use raster areas and lines to create elements of vector graphics, as can be seen in this illustration from the Calamus LI2 RIP interface guide:

The Raster area module is divided into five function groups. The first two allow you to set the shape of the raster area, and the other three let you set the colour and fill pattern of the raster area, its border and its shadow.

Raster area frames are dynamically linked. This allows the user to change the characteristics of several raster area frames at the same time. Select the raster area frames to be linked and click the icon or element of your choice. All selected raster area frames will change to the selected shape, colour, fill pattern, shadow or border.

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Home area shape