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Load/Delete fonts

After clicking on the Load/Delete fonts icon, the familiar object selection dialog described in earlier chapters describing the standard elements will appear:

At the bottom left of the dialog you will find a new button Load font import driver.

You can choose in this dialog which fonts Calamus should hold in memory for work with a document. Please keep in mind the licence conditions discussed under Load of the File menu. Calamus will load only the fonts serialized to match your registered copy. When you load a document, the necessary fonts will be loaded automatically if they are not in memory already.

If you want to delete a font, you should select the font and then click on the Remove button. An alert box will appear with a prompt to select a replacement font. Click on [OK] or press [Return], then click on another font in the font overview to replace the one you are deleting (if you select the font that you are trying to delete, the operation will be cancelled). Please note that replacing a font may alter the text formatting.

Finally you can delete all fonts except one from the document. Select the font you wish to keep, then click on Remove all. Again, normally the text formatting will change because only this one font will be used for the complete document.

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