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While the Text module is used mainly for entering, editing and formatting your text, the Text style module allows you to change the appearance of individual letters or entire words, paragraphs, frames or even piping chains. By producing glyphs (character images) in the computer, Calamus opens up more possibilities than almost any other DTP program. The selection of fonts is practically unlimited, any character – depending on the unit of measure – can be over a metre or up to 999.99 points high (see Page module, Units of measurement function group), without unpleasant corners, edges or stepping effects. In addition to the usual text effects like Underlined, Outlined and Shadowed, Calamus allows you to stretch or compress as well as slant the characters at any angle you like. You may turn off proportional type to make tables. Even writing from right to left is no problem for Calamus. Character and word spacing are adjustable of course, as are the colour and fill pattern of the text, underline, outline and shadow. You may store the text styles in a list and call them up with a single click at any time.

Working in the Text style module is much like working in the Text module. Although you can also switch between Text mode and Ruler mode in the Text style module, to change rulers you must enter the Text module. The most important function in the Text style module is selecting text blocks. You can either drag the mouse over the desired text with the left button pressed (see Text module), or mark it using Start block and End block functions of the Macros function group in the Text module. This function allows you to work with blocks longer than a single page. The third option is to click on Select all in the Options menu to select all the text in the current piping chain.

In addition to freely altering the appearance of the text, you can – and should – store the text styles used in your document in a list. The principle behind this is exactly the same as for master pages: Besides providing a clearer overview, this gives you the option of altering several parts of your document simultaneously. For instance, you can assign the same text style in the list to all chapter headings. If you change your mind later and want to set the headings in another font, size or style, you can simply alter this text style in the list and immediately all headings will be transformed.

Which of these two principles (free design or style list) is to be used can be set in the Misc. settings dialog (see Misc. settings function, below). Here too you can choose whether the internal (free) text styles should also be displayed in the Text style list. These two methods of working will be called Free text style mode and Style list mode in the following sections. For the reasons mentioned above the style list mode is recommended for professional text layout.

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