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PostScript Type 1 fonts

What are Type 1 fonts?

During the development of PostScript some years ago, the firm Adobe also developed a font type that was distributed under the name PostScript Type 1. Due to vectorial construction of the font characters (based on Bézier curves, just like Calamus fonts) and very precise vector coordinates, these fonts quickly found great success in the professional sector since imagesetting and printing with such fonts produces very high quality results. The same applies to Calamus and its CFN fonts, though it must be admitted today that CFN remained an island solution.

Thanks to the PS-Type 1 import driver (font-loader) you have access to enormous libraries of PostScript Type 1 fonts in a far more convenient and safe way than was previously possible via a font converter such as Type-2-Type or DA's Layout.

Under Windows please look for font files with the extender PFB (which stands for PostScript Font Binary) and the associated *.AFM files (Adobe Font Metric). If AFM files are present, then the kerning information they contain will be evaluated while loading a Type 1 font, otherwise the font-loader will create ideal font kerning automatically. (The *.PFM files (Printer Font Metric) that are present usually as well will not be evaluated.) On a Mac things are simpler: Here the PS-Type 1 font-loader simply recognizes the Mac-PostScript fonts and also reads the kerning information from the corresponding font stores of the Mac file system – and all that under MagicMac!

All font formats (at present just the PostScript Type 1) that are loaded via the font import driver are available in Calamus SL afterwards as CFNs (!), exactly as if you had really loaded CFNs. Thanks to the possibility of embedding the fonts into the document, you may only have to load the Type 1 fonts once. (Due to the conversion process, the loading of Type 1 fonts may take fractionally longer than loading of CFN fonts.)

You can obtain Type 1 fonts from all font foundries or suppliers. A very large selection of current fonts is included in the CorelDRAW package, for instance.

Tip: The optionally available FonTools module allows you to perform many useful actions for all font types that Calamus can load: You can easily choose fonts from Mac-like font windows and load them with a single key press, add the Euro symbol character to them, alter the appearance and/or the name of the font, create your own random fonts, define pair-kerning for character-pairs, print out font catalogues and a lot more. It is also possible to use FonTools to save loaded Type 1 fonts (and also TTF fonts) as CFN fonts.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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