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Extend text justification

With normal fully justified text, the lines always start and end at the border of the text frame. But as the optical centre of gravity of various letters can appear different when viewed (an F has a different optical centre of gravity to an O), the column or page edges can appear ragged. Extended text justification helps to equalise the optical grey value of a text column at its edges by letting certain characters extend slightly over the edge of the frame and hence the text column. This improves the aesthetic appearance of the page.

As the effect can look different with various fonts, you have the opportunity to set the weighting for Extended text justification here. 100 % weighting is the standard value for an activated extended text justification, with 0 % it is switched off and text formatting works as normal. Naturally you can also set values above 100 % to strengthen the effect, though if the value is too high this can again make the edges look ragged, so that values above 100 % are seldom useful. This manual was set in Frutiger Light Condensed with 100 % extended text justification weighting. Please note that not all CFN fonts have the same quality as far as the kerning data (pair kerning, vertical step kerning) is concerned. Therefore the Extended text justification behaviour is not identical with all fonts!

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