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These functions control the appearance of the shadow for shadowed text. For more information about the settings, see the earlier chapters describing the standard elements.

Characters can throw shadows. You can determine where this shadow should fall by typing values into the X and Y editable fields.

If you do not want a shadow, set both values to zero.

The unit of measure following the number is the one that has been specified in the Page module. You can choose the shadow offset both in the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) direction freely. You can also choose whether the shadow should always fall at the same (absolute) distance or whether the offset should depend on the character size (relative).

To switch between Absolute and Relative shadow offsets, please click on the unit of measure after the value for the desired direction. This will toggle between absolute values (mm, pt or other unit selected in Set units of measurement in the Page module) to %. This percentage value refers to the set character size, so that a shadow offset of 100 % with a 12 point font corresponds to exactly 12 points. After typing the value into the editable field, terminate the input with the [Return] key, after which the new values will be adopted.

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