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Text rulers

Text rulers allow you to format paragraphs within text frames. Formatting includes text justification (centred as well as ranged left, right, or fully justified), paragraph and line spacing, and the units for measuring these. Other elements such as tab-stops, left and right margins and paragraph indentation also belong to the Text rulers function group. In addition, with vertical text alignment you can prevent single line remainders at the top or bottom of pages (widows and orphans).

You may use as many text rulers as you want in your text. A text ruler stays in effect until the next ruler is met. In order to edit a text ruler, click the right mouse button to switch from Text mode to Ruler mode; the I-beam will change to a cross. Use the cross to click on one of the text rulers, which will then appear with a dark border just like a selected frame.

You can now modify a selected ruler by moving the edge markers or tab-stops. To do this though, none of the three tab icons in the top row of the Text rulers function panel may be selected.

The margins and tab-stops will be displayed as follows:

A pre-programmed mouse action occurs when you double-click on the text ruler: The Ruler parameters dialog (see below) opens immediately, as if you had first activated the ruler and then clicked on the Edit text ruler icon.

With the following three icons you can set and delete tab-stops (commonly abbreviated to just tabs). If none of the three icons is selected you can move any existing tab markers.

If you grab a tab marker in Text ruler mode to move it, a vertical guideline now appears to make positioning of the tab by hand even easier.

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