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Absolute line spacing
Anchor frame

Baselines snap to line raster

Change macro
Control codes
Copy and anchor frame
Copy and place anchored frame on page
Copy block to system clipboard

Define macro
Define text ruler
Delete tab stop
Delete text block/ruler
Delete text block/ruler (Text rulers)
Delete text block/ruler (Tools)

Edit hyphenation dictionary
Edit ruler parameters
Edit spelling dictionary
Edit text ruler
Edit text ruler list
Establish text ruler

Footnote entry
Force piping to next frame

Hyphenate text
Hyphenation options

Index entry
Insert blind text
Insert chapter number
Insert comment
Insert current page number
Insert date
Insert following page number
Insert leader tab
Insert Manual kerning
Insert reference to next page
Insert reference to previous page
Insert style
Insert tab stop
Insert text ruler
Insert time

Kerning mode
Key bindings editor

Line spacing
Line spacing (measurement unit)
Line spacing (value)
Load hyphenation dictionary
Load macro file
Load spelling dictionary
Load text ruler list

Move block to system clipboard

Open text editor

Paragraph spacing
Paragraph spacing unit of measure
Paste text from system clipboard
Place anchored frame on page
Position frame anchor
Protect text block from break

Relative line spacing
Ruler Mode

Save hyphenation dictionary
Save macro list
Save spelling dictionary
Save text ruler list
Search for comment
Select reference marker
Set block end
Set block start
Set reference marker

Text centered
Text fully justified
Text justification
Text macros
Text mode
Text ranged left
Text ranged right
Text ruler list
Text rulers

Vertical text alignment

Working in the Text module

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