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In Calamus, frames are the Alpha and Omega in the creation of a layout. Therefore the Calamus Frame module offers many possibilities for creating and editing frames. With complex layouts that consist of numerous frames of various types, one quickly misses some advanced functions in which several frame editing functions are combined.

With regard to these experiences and wishes, the Toolbox module was developed years ago and provides a great variety of special tools that make many desired tasks available by clicking on a single function icon.

With the Toolbox you can align multiple frames or move individual frames directly between master and document layout pages, move frame layers on a page, make the contents of individual frames invisible on the screen or exclude them from being printed, and convert frames from one type to another.

The Toolbox Plus version now included in the SL standard package has been adapted for the extended SL features, and also offers an additional tool to convert any frame to a raster graphic frame.

Tip: The frame editing possibilities are by no means exhausted with the Toolbox Plus. Further recommended modules for modifying frames available optionally include the Positioner (for single frame editing), Align Tools (the Positioner's brother for multiple frame editing), Selector (for document-wide frame editing) and the Measurement module (for frame working in the desired measurement units).

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