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Select/Move path point

This icon must be selected to be able to move path or control points. Normally a click of the right mouse button will accomplish this. The right mouse button can also be used to deselect all selected path points once more. For selecting one or more path points the same applies as for objects: A single click with the left mouse button on a point selects it (and only it). Holding down the [Shift] key while clicking ensures that the point is selected in addition to any activated previously. If a number of points have been selected already and you want to deactivate one of them, then a [Shift]-click will do that too.

Rubber banding is available here as well in order to select all points in a larger area. Simply click on a position where there is no path point and draw out a rectangle.

You can reach additional functions again with a combination of the right mouse button and the [Control] and [Alternate] keys. With [Control]+right mouse click on a path point all points of the corresponding path will be selected (i.e. including the control points of Bézier curves).

A right-click with the [Alternate] key held down will select all points of the current object. This makes it easy to move complete paths or even entire objects.

To move the selected points, just click again on one of them. Now all active points will follow movements of the mouse cursor. If this includes control points of Bézier curves, the new curve shape will be drawn at the same time. In this case you can also obtain an additional effect. If you have activated the Keep round-offs checkbox in the Miscellaneous settings dialog, then any rounding off or smoothing of the curve will not be disturbed provided that there is also a Bézier curve on the other side of the path point. To accomplish this the control point of the other curve will be moved as well so that the tangents will line up again after the move. Details of how this works can be found above in the description of the Miscellaneous settings function.

Click the left mouse button to paste the moved points into their new position as usual. A right-click aborts the procedure and all points will return to the positions they were in previously.

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