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Add path point(s)

Border function group

Close and round-off path
Colour/Fill pattern function group
Convert path <-> Bézier curve
Copy last object
Copy object
Copy object to object clipboard
Copy path
Create object
Create object group
Cut path from object

Delete object
Delete path
Delete path point(s)
Distort object

Editable object indicator

Fill pattern visible/invisible

Insert Bézier curve
Insert line

Join objects
Join paths

Miscellaneous settings

Non-editable object indicator

Object clipboard
Object mode functions
Objects function group

Path mode function group
Place object in background
Place object in foreground

Resize object proportionally
Reverse path direction
Rotate object
Round Bézier curves automatically

Select object
Select/Move path point
Separate paths
Shrink frame to object size

Tangents on/off

Ungroup object group

Vector object shape

Working in the Vector graphic module

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