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With MacPrint you can use virtually any Mac OS printer driver for Calamus SL (from SL99 on) as well. This makes MacPrint the fastest, easiest and most flexible way to print from Calamus on MagicMac compatible computers.

Further properties:

This is how MacPrint works

To obtain maximum precision and control at all times, Calamus normally works with its own printer driver interface, which produces identical results with the same drivers on all platforms (Mac, PC, Atari). The basis is always Calamus's own SoftRipping system, which processes the document data and delivers it to the printer driver.

Under MagicMac it is of course sensible to offer the use of the printer drivers already installed for the Mac OS in addition to the Calamus-specific ones. And this is exactly the task of MacPrint for Calamus SL.

For this the processed pixel data of the SoftRipping engine in Calamus SL is converted in such a way that the printer driver in the Mac OS can accept it and deliver it to the connected printer. This uses graphics functions in the Mac OS that are contained there in the QuickDraw library.

No further interpretation or changes of the document objects takes place. Everything is output exactly the way you created it in the document and saw on the screen, down to the last pixel – even with PostScript printers.

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