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This printer driver has been developed for Calamus SL and combines the advantages of SoftRIP output from Calamus with the PDF format, which is now being utilized by an increasing number of printers and imagesetting bureaux.

So: PDF Print outputs print data to PDF files. The results are printable PDFs that no longer contain any vector objects or searchable text but are simply "plain" document pages, though with monochrome output these are completely rasterized. For this all Calamus specialities such as masking, transparencies, arrowheads etc. are retained.

The printer driver PDF Print has the following advantages over the (object oriented) PDF output from Bridge:

After installing the PDF Print driver, it appears for selection in the Calamus Print dialog as a normal printer driver.

With the "Settings" button at top right of the Print dialog you can set the parameters of the PDF Print printer driver, as described below.

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