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This universal printer driver in the Calamus WindowsPack makes available to Calamus all the printer drivers that have been installed under Windows.

The installation is very simple:

  1. Make sure that the most up-to-date GDIprn.DLL file is present in the Calamus directory (in other words at the same folder level as CALAMUS.EXE).
  2. Open Calamus's Print dialog from the File menu.
  3. Click on the line containing the printer name.
  4. In the file selector that appears select the printer driver named WinPrint.CDT.
  5. Exit the Print dialog and save your Calamus setup.

After the printer driver has been installed, it establishes contact with the GDI (Graphic Devices Interface) of Windows and reads out from the Windows printer pool the parameters of the current Windows printer driver. These parameters will then be displayed also in the Calamus Print dialog. The printer name shows through a prefixed WIN:  that it has been obtained by WinPrint from the Windows printer driver.

You can alter the parameters at any time in various ways:

The Print dialog for HP4-Laserjet printer driver via WinPrint. Click on the Settings button:

The Windows Print dialog appears. In that select the desired printer driver, for instance Fritz!Fax:

After this the new printer parameters will be set in the Calamus Print dialog.

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