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Raster graphics colour depth

If you have not set the Use raster image colour depth switch in the Raster graphics part of the dialog, you have to select a colour depth for all raster graphics here. This is recommended if, say, you want to export a PS file for a b&w printer. Even if your document contains many colour images, you should choose Greyscale in this case to avoid creating an unnecessarily large amount of data. This will also reduce the processing time before the PS file is printed.

Another use: If you want to e.g. convert your PS files to PDF for screen display only, it might be better not to use CMYK colour depth. In that case it is better to select TrueColor RGB.

Note: If CMYK separated is not selectable, then this may be due to the fact that you have only activated the Output PostScript Level 1 switch in this function group. CMYK is supported in PostScript Level 2 for the first time!

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HomePS exportRaster graphics (PS output)Page(s) (PS output)