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Raster graphics (PDF output)

In this part of the dialog you can define the resolution and colour depth for all raster graphics that are to be exported. If you are uncertain what resolution and colour depth your images have, just activate the two checkbox switches Use raster image resolution and Use raster image colour depth. Then no data will be lost during export.

But if you have created a document with images at 1,000 dpi resolution and you want to, say, create a PDF file for a b&w printer with a maximum resolution of 600 dpi, it makes sense to reduce the resolution of images to 600 dpi, too. Click on the popup Resolution and select the required resolution in it. If the desired resolution is not available there, you might enter it in the edit fields right to the popup directly. The first value describes the X resolution of your printer, the second one stands for the Y resolution.

Hint: If you find that you often need a resolution not present in the popup, you can make this up in the Settings function group. Click on the Resolution setup icon there.

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HomePDF exportPDF exportImage colour depth (PDF output)