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Preparing documents for PostScript

In this part of the Bridge instructions you will learn how to handle the main functions of this module as quickly as possible and thus achieve your target with the minimum of effort. At first we will deal with the output of Calamus documents to PostScript printers and external photo-composition devices via PostScript-RIPs.

Generally you can export Calamus documents as they stand. For this it does not matter what format the pages have, how many pages the document has or whether you are working in single- or double-page mode. You can also export master page elements as well as registration and crop marks along with the actual page.

But in that case you have to reckon with your host! That means PostScript, which unfortunately is not as smart as Calamus. Hence you have to pay regard to a number of factors so that your Calamus document can be exported for PostScript-RIPs with the best possible quality.

The following layout elements are not supported by PostScript:

What does this mean?

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