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You can use the mouse to position the edit cursor anywhere in the visible text. As usual you can also navigate the text with the four arrow keys.

In order to be able to position the cursor precisely, even when some control codes have been switched to invisible, Eddie always places the cursor before the next control code in the direction of movement. So if moving backwards the cursor will be positioned automatically after the characters. Try this out with a text into which you insert some control codes and then switch these to invisible by selecting Control code setting 1.

Also take a look at the text magnifier while you move the cursor back and forth.

Position display

If you should lose the cursor at times (more exactly: can't find it in the forest of letters at first glance) then pressing [Control]+[Shift]+[Alternate] calls up a position display: This is a small collapsing rectangle that is intended to lead the eye to the cursor.

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