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Let's start

Working with Eddie is really quite simple. Just call it from the Text module, Tools function group via the Open text editor icon. You should assign a macro to this function from the start, if you have not already done so.

A window will appear holding the contents of the selected text frame. If no text frame is selected, or the text frame does not contain any text as yet, then the window will be empty.

In the upper part of the window there are some icons and other operating elements, which apart from the line number display and text magnifier are also present in the Eddie function fields.

The text magnifier serves to give you detailed information about the text even when the control codes are not visible in the main text window. The whole text area in the region of the edit cursor is always displayed in short form. In the same way blocks will be displayed here, or the block marks (see the Block functions/Tools chapter) made visible.

The window title shows you which document is being edited. If names have been assigned to individual frames of a text piping chain, then these will be shown, separated by commas, after the name of the document.

The line number serves only for rough orientation in the text. It refers to the number of lines that the text possesses in the chosen wrap mode. If line wrap is switched off, then this will equal the number of text lines in the document.

The exact working of the other buttons is described in the relevant chapters. For practical reasons these are functions that have been duplicated in the text window.

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