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Flow text from Eddie window to frame

If the window is to stay open, then normally the text is transported back to the text frame without comment (see below). The text from the Eddie/Eddie lite window replaces the previous contents of the frame on the layout page. If the window is closed, a dialog box appears where you can determine how Eddie should incorporate the text in the frame:

If no conflict arises (see below) the text flows back to the frame without comment. Otherwise a dialog box appears, which is the same as the one that appears when closing the Eddie window.

If Replace is selected in this dialog, the contents of the frame are replaced wholly or partly by the text from the window: Either the entire text or the selected block or text ruler is replaced. For greater clarity about what is to happen, the button controls are context sensitive and change depending on the applicable action. With Insert you can insert the text at the cursor position in the text frame. With Abandon changes you may exit the edit window without applying the changes to the text frame. Finally, with [Cancel] you exit the dialog and continue working in the window; in other words the edit window will not be closed and the contents of the text frame will remain unchanged.

In addition, messages may appear in this dialog warning you about inadvertently overwriting text, particularly when with parallel working in the document you select a different frame (or none) or a text block other than the one to which the text in the edit window belongs.

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HomeData transfer and editingTake text from frame to Eddie windowMove block to system clipboard