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Data transfer and editing

Eddie shows its value in Calamus with data transfer. On the one hand they support the text-oriented system clipboard, on the other hand the Eddie text is integrated with Calamus as completely as possible.

As the Calamus text editor, Eddie offers the possibility to take text directly from text frames. During this process the Eddie window is opened, or the text of the selected text frame is transferred to an already open editor window.

Flowing the text back to the text frame is similar. When sending the text back to the frame you may choose to leave the window open. If you do not wish to alter the text any further, then you can send the edited text back to the frame with a click and then let Eddie close the corresponding window.

If text passages are exchanged this way between different documents, the Calamus merge mechanism comes into play. You will be familiar with this from various clipboard operations. Dialogs appear in which you are asked how duplicated colour or style names should be handled. The description of the exact way this works will be found in the Duplicated object names chapter.

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