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Edit control code

Please remember that with the Edit control code function the cursor must be positioned in front of the control code to be modified. It is usually simpler to call this function with a double-click on the relevant control code to open its editing dialog.

With some control codes Eddie will also ask whether to Apply the code to be inserted to a block or blocks.

Apply to the block means that the code to be inserted is placed before the block. The code that was previously valid at the start of the block will now be inserted at the end of the block. In other words the block will be restyled.

The control code selection dialog will display a title line with a help text for the icon that is currently under the mouse cursor.

The comment control code will not be familiar to users of previous Calamus versions; it serves for inserting invisible remarks in the text that can be searched for and displayed in Eddie.

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HomeData transfer and editingInsert control codeUndo: Rewind