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Undo: Start/Stop

When the Undo recorder is switched on, all changes to the text will be recorded step by step as they are made. As a result these changes can also be reversed (undone) step by step.

If the Undo is switched on in normal mode, then each change will be recorded.

In some circumstances this uses up a large amount of memory over time, which can give rise to problems with a relatively small main memory or a very long recording time. In such cases, just switch off the Undo mechanism for a short time before switching it back on again, which clears the occupied memory. If necessary simply program this process onto a macro key.

Undo with Search and Replace

As it is possible to use the Undo mechanism with Search and Replace or block marking in Eddie, in some circumstance this procedure may take appreciably more time with the recorder switched on. In addition, with large-scale actions the Undo information may require holding very large amounts of data in memory. In such cases it may be preferable to switch off the Undo recorder beforehand if its use is not essential.

Clear Undo buffer

The Undo mechanism records all actions in Eddie if it is switched on in standard mode. In the course of time this may require a lot of working memory just for the Undo buffer. To clear the contents of the recorder, switch it off for a short time and then back on again. If you use the automatic mode, this will happen automatically at the start of the next action.

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