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Copy blocks

Blocks of text, including control codes, can be copied to a different position in the text with the Copy blocks function. After a safety query, the selected blocks will be copied to the current cursor position. If several blocks are selected simultaneously (only possible in the full version of Eddie!), the copy action will apply to all of them.

In the full version of Eddie you can enter a separator text in a special window intended for this, which can be opened by the Define separator text function. Whether this text will really be used during copying (and moving) is determined by the Use separator text function. The icon for this can be found both in the Block functions/Tools function panel as well as the header line of the separator text window.

in the Define block marking dialog (Settings function panel) of the full Eddie version you can determine what is to happen with the block markers during copying, moving or pasting (insertion) of text blocks. Four different cases can be set separately:

Copy (original)
The original blocks remain selected after the copy operation.
Copy (duplicate)
The copies of the text blocks will be selected.
The blocks remain selected after the move.
Paste from clipboard
The inserted text will be marked as a block.

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