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Block functions/Tools

In a text editor, blocks are normally used only for moving, copying or deleting portions of text. Eddie offers rather more here. For instance when inserting styles or rulers, it is possible to apply these to complete blocks. With the full version of Eddie you also have the option of selecting several blocks simultaneously in order to alter or move them at the same time (Eddie lite only allows a single block to be marked at a time).

Eddie remembers blocks by inserting a corresponding marker at the start and end of a block.

It is therefore no problem to work with several blocks. Normally when dragging out a block with the left mouse button all block markings that may already be present will be cleared and just the newly drawn up block remains selected. If you want to drag out a block in addition to existing ones, simply hold down the [Shift] key while dragging it out. This causes the old block markings to be retained and the newly marked block to be selected in addition to the ones present. If there are blocks within the additionally marked region, then these blocks will be deselected; in principle therefore an inversion of the selected area takes place.

Block operations

Select block

Press and hold the left mouse button to drag out the desired area, releasing it at the end. The selected area will become inverted (selected) so it is visible immediately.

Select additional block

Drag out the block as above while holding down the [Shift] key. During this the selection of any previously selected blocks within the newly marked area will be inverted.

Restyle blocks

When style or ruler control codes are inserted in the text while blocks are selected, Eddie will ask whether the control code is to be inserted at the cursor position, should replace the block or whether it is to be applied to the block. Apply here means that a control code is inserted before and after the block. Now the block will have been assigned new properties while the rest of the text remains unaltered.

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