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Define wrap mode

Text wrapping at the end of lines can be accomplished by Eddie in various ways, depending on which radio button has been selected: When creating text it is sensible to set wrapping to the width of the window as a rule. This results in all text information being visible in each window. If the window is enlarged or shrunk then the wrapping will be adapted to the new window size.

This is no longer the case if a fixed width is specified for text wrapping. In that case the text will be treated as if the window had the width in characters entered in the editable field. That can be useful if the window has to be enlarged and shrunk often on a lowish resolution screen to be able to judge the layout underneath Eddie's text window, for instance.

For comprehensive correction work it is sensible to take the word wrap from the frame, as this makes it easy to find your bearings in the text and to locate text passages quickly. If the wrapping is taken from the frame, the line-breaks and any hyphenation are retained in the layout until individual lines are altered in length. Only when the write cursor leaves the specified width (window width or maximum number of columns) will line wrapping take place.

In the full version of Eddie, depending on the settings in the lower part of this dialog any new lines either will be adapted to the window width, or a fixed line length of the width specified in the relevant editable field will be assumed for wrapping.

If long words are to be hyphenated when wrapping text at the end of overlength lines, the Use hyphenation checkbox has to be active (crossed). Otherwise the lines will be wrapped only at the end of words plus associated punctuation marks.

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