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Define word hyphens

Eddie offers the possibility of freely choosing the characters that are to be used for word hyphenation at end of lines in its window. These are control codes indicating that the word may be divided there by automatic hyphenation in the layout window if necessary.

In this dialog, those characters that are to be interpreted as hyphens by word-oriented functions are displayed in inverse video. Click on any of them to add more, or on an inverted one to deselect it; if you get in a muddle, click on Select and then Invert to clear all existing selections so that you can start again. The various control codes too can be defined as word hyphens.

Eddie always handles multiple word hyphens that directly follow one another as a single hyphen, so that the Go to next word function will really go directly to the next word, for instance, rather than stopping at these places.

The dialog for selecting hyphenation characters contains a column of buttons with which various groups of characters can be selected/deselected simultaneously. These are:

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