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Modify frame

This is the other mode available in the Frame editing module. Much information in the Create frame section is also relevant here.

The mouse pointer will appear as a hand that points to a frame. This pointing hand gives a visual indication that you are in the Modify frame mode.

Draw mode

Set size mode (while drawing)

Modify mode

While moving

The Modify frame mode allows you to move, resize or delete frames. Many other functions require that a frame should be selected; this too is possible in Modify frame mode. You can switch to Modify frame mode by clicking on the icon, or by clicking once with the right mouse button if you are in Create frame mode. In the document window the mouse cursor will appear as a pointing hand. You can now select individual frames in the layout window simply by clicking on them. If you would like to select more than one frame at a time, hold down the [Shift] key while you click on each frame; any frame clicked on which is not currently selected will become selected, and vice versa. To deselect all frames, simply click the right mouse button.

You may also use the mouse to lasso a group of frames. Place the Modify frame cursor outside one corner of the group of frames. Click once and the cursor changes to the Set size cursor. Move to the opposite corner of the group of frames and click again. All frames inside the drawn frame will become selected (though no new frame will be created).

It is possible that the frame you want is covered by another frame. In that case repeated short clicks in the same place allows you to switch between stacked frames. Just keep on clicking until the desired frame is selected.

To move a frame on a page, you must first select it. Point to the selected frame and hold down the left mouse button while moving the mouse; the pointer will change to an open hand. Move the mouse and the frame will follow until you release the mouse button to drop the frame in its new location. If during moving you decide that you do not want to move the frame, simply click the right mouse button before releasing the left button, and the frame will return to its original position.

If you want to move more than one frame at a time, you must group them, move the group frame, then split up the group frame.

If you want to move more than one frame at a time, simply click on one of these frames and drag all of them at the same time. If you want to move only one frame of a couple of selected frames, press [Ctrl] when you click on the desired frame. Then you will only move this frame even if multiple frames are selected.

Naturally you can also use the mouse to change the size of a frame. First, select the frame. Next, click the Modify frame mode pointer on one of the resize handles on the frame border. The mouse pointer will change to the Set size cursor (a hollow cross). Now, as in Create frame mode, you can move the corresponding edge or corner with the Set size cursor to enlarge or shrink the frame. If you want to cancel the operation because you have made an error, click the right mouse button. Otherwise, click the left mouse button once again to set the new size. If Proportional sizing is active you will be able to change the size of the frame, but not the proportion of width to height. So if the corner of the frame does not follow the mouse movements in the way you expected, check whether Proportional sizing is switched on. You can also recognize the proportional mode by the fact that there are no grab handles in the middle of the frame sides but only in the corners.

You can also change the position and size of any frame using the Coordinate display. First, select the frame; then click on the Coordinate display. Now you can enter the new position and size from the keyboard precise to three decimal places. The unit of measurement that will be used for this is the one you have set in the Page module for Page size. When you have finished entering the new values, you have to press [Return] or [Enter] – or, if you have made an error – press [Undo] to cancel, before Calamus will accept further functions.

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