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Additional grab-handles visible/invisible
Automatic text flow on/off

Center image in frame
Colour image (CMYK)
Colour image (palette)
Colour image (RGB)
Copy frame
Create frame
Create mask
Create tiling frames automatically
Crop marks visible/invisible
Crop or add to image
Crosshairs visible/invisible
Cut piping chain

Define text flow offset
Delete frame
Delete text flow path
Duochrome palette image
Duplex/Triplex/Quadruplex image

Edit invisible frame
Edit palette

Footnote frame
Frame editor parameters
Frame identifying markers in text piping chains
Frame protection on/off
Frame types on/off
Frame-relevant mouse actions
Frames off page visible/invisible
Freely sizable tiling frame

Greyscale image
Group frame
Group mask
Groups visible/invisible

Image size independent of frame size
Index frame
Insert frame into piping chain
Invert mask

Keep create frame mode

Line frame
Lines visible/invisible

Mask groups visible/invisible
Masking in practice
Masking: Problems and solutions
Master page elements visible/invisible
Measurement rulers visible/invisible
Menu: Text flow polygon
Mirror frame horizontally
Mirror frame vertically
Modify frame
Module information visible/invisible
Monochrome image

Name frame

Optimize frame size for printer
Optimize frame size for screen
Optimize frame to nearest factor
Optimize raster graphics
Output outside frame

Piping chain visible/invisible
Piping from previous page
Piping text once
Piping to next page
Place frame in background
Place frame in foreground
Proportional sizing on/off

Raster area frame
Raster areas visible/invisible
Raster graphics frame
Raster graphics visible/invisible
Remove frame from piping chain
Restore frame to 0 degrees
Rotate frame
Rotation angle
Rotation angle unit

Scale text frame
Select frame background
Select frame type
Select master page elements
Set chapter numbering
Set control curve
Set footnote numbering
Set frame borders
Set frame parameters
Set import automation (bitmap graphics)
Set import automation (vector graphics)
Set point of origin
Set text flow offset
Set to optimal size
Show histogram
Show text flow
Snap to horizontal edge of frame
Snap to horizontal grid-lines
Snap to horizontal guidelines
Snap to vertical edge of frames
Snap to vertical grid-lines
Snap to vertical guidelines
Special functions
Special functions: Mask groups
Special functions: Raster graphics frames
Special functions: Text frames
Special functions: Tiling frames
Special functions: Vector graphic frames

Text flow from frame to frame
Text flow polygon active
Text flow settings
Text flow to left and right
Text flow to left of frame
Text flow to right of frame
Text frame
Text frame types
Text visible/invisible
The masking mechanism
Tiling frame
Tiling frame for Landscape printer output
Tiling frame for Portrait printer output
Tiling frames visible/invisible

Ungroup frames or masks
Uniframes visible/invisible
Use/Ignore auto text flow

Vector graphics frame
Vector graphics visible/invisible

Write mode
Write mode: Inverted
Write mode: Opaque
Write mode: Transparent

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