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Text flow settings

Text flow – when can you do what?

In principle it is not possible to apply manual and automatic text flow to one and the same text frame.

Manual text flow

This is the method known up to now, which can continue to be applied in the same way. You will find the relevant switches for this in the Frame editing module function group Text frames – Special functions. You should be familiar with this application by now.

Automatic text flow

Automatic text flow is not assigned to the text frame that is to flow around other frames! This property is always assigned to the frame or frames that the text is to flow around, i.e. an image, a vector graphic, a line, a group frame, but ... (otherwise it would not be Calamus ...) you can also flow text around(!) a text frame. As this of course only makes sense in special cases, you should treat the last option with care as long as you are not thoroughly familiar with this method of working.

To repeat: Automatic text flow is a property that is assigned to the frame around which text is to flow. Aftwerwards you can draw, say, a text frame over it and this will then flow around the other frame automatically. If you now move the text frame or one of the frames around which the text flows, then the text flow will be recalculated automatically.

In this function group you can set various parameters for the so-called automatic text flow. The automatic flow refers to the frames that the text frame is to flow around. The automatic part here is that a text frame will only flow around another frame automatically when this other frame is set to have text flowed automatically round it.

The individual switches and icons are explained below.

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