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Collect and copy

For film processing as well as for archiving documents, this function offers invaluable help: it finds all external files which belong to the current document, and copies them into a common folder. First of all, you see the following dialog:

Here you can specify whether high-res data, fonts, and the document itself in its current state should be copied to the target path, or if just parts of the document package should be copied. When you click the Start button, a file selector appears where you can enter the target path. Then the copying process starts.

The process of copying is shown in a progress bar:

Warning: Actually, no loaded Type 1 fonts are copied. For these, we recommend that you copy these fonts manually, or save the Type 1 fonts from RAM to the hard drive in the CFN format, using the optional module FonTools. Also no embedded CFN fonts are found right now, which means they are searched for on the hard drive(s). If in doubt, you can adjust the font search process with this familiar dialog.

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