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Assign high-res data manually

Check high-res data links
Collect and copy
Control curves and low/high-res data
Create low-res data

File information
File status

Handle incorrect links

Image paths and additional search paths
Import images
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Manage paths
Manual online (HTML)
Module icon
Module information
Multiple usage of high-res data

Printing with high-res data

Recall high-res data of selected frame(s)
Roll in: current page
Roll in: selected frame(s)
Roll in: whole document
Roll out – for pros
Roll out – the easy way
Roll out: current page
Roll out: selected frame(s)
Roll out: whole document

Save settings
Sharing high-res data
Skip all
Store high-res data of selected frame(s)

The high-res data list
The LRESDATA module
The module
Tip: Wild high-res data
Tip: Editing images
Tip: File transport
Tip: High-res data files names
Tip: Managing archived high-res data
Tip: Print and film exposure
Tip: Settings
Tip: The high-res data archive
Tip: Tidy up
Tips and tricks

Virtual copies

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