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High-Resolution Data Manager



The High-Resolution Data Manager helps you to work on complex layouts containing many high-res images in a fast, smooth and efficient way.

You can roll out the high-res data of any single image frame, or of all image frames, from the current page or document to the hard drive whenever you like to, trimming the weight of your document to give it a more managable size. This process automatically creates low-res placeholder images. Whenever you wish to get the high-res data back into your document (e.g. when you want to edit or place the image more precisely), simply roll in the data again.

Documents with rolled-out high-res data not only save space in RAM, but they also save and load much faster. In many cases you will no longer have to split a large document into multiple smaller documents because of the amount of image data used.

A special print function in the Calamus Print dialog handles the automatic swapping of high-res data when printing or processing print films. Even when you let a third-party company process print films of your documents, High-Resolution Data Manager supports you: it copies the document, including all rolled-out image data and all fonts, to the medium which you send to the print house.

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