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Open Navigator window

When you click on this window a (small) window opens showing a preview of the current document page. The display adjusts itself to the Caching settings for the current page.

The size of this window can be altered freely by dragging its bottom right corner in the usual way, though you do not gain much additional detail by enlarging this window as text and graphics will always be represented at low resolution, particularly when the caches are in use. This window also has the zoom-Navigator at its disposal. It adapts its contents automatically to the page(s) of the current document visible in each case, so that it does not have to be called repeatedly when browsing through the document, or when the complete document is changed.

If Save settings is selected with the Navigator window open then the position and size of this window will be saved as well, so that it will open with the same size and position every time it is called.

Incidentally: The Navigator window can also be called by double-clicking on any page in the Navigator bar (icon or preview) of the currently active document. Furthermore, when calling up the Navigator window with this icon it is not necessary for the Navigator bar to be active.

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HomeActions/SettingsDefine coloursShow pages in icon mode