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Outline width

You can specify the width of the outline in the current font measurement system or as a percentage of the font height. To switch between these two systems, click on the unit abbreviation following the number. The value will be recalculated immediately. To set the thickness, click on the number field, use the [Esc] key to clear the field, and enter a new value.

Please note that (due to the method Calamus currently uses for vector output) wider outlines require significantly increased calculation time. In addition, with some outline widths you can get vector breakout, which the Germans refer to as Griesbecksche Buschmesser (translates as Griesbeck's bush-knives, named after the programmer of vector output). This may offer some neat effects at times, but does not give really accurate outline results. We hope to be able to offer a revised form of vector output in one of the coming Calamus versions that no longer has this problem.

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Last updated on June 24, 2015

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