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Set text style parameters

In this dialog you can chose the style change mode you want to use.

When you click on the icon, the following dialog box will appear:

Calamus supports three style change modes:

Free mode
In this mode you are free to work with text style parameters and do not have to keep control over any kind of conventions. We recommend this mode when you want to work with text layouts in a creative way, e.g. for posters, headlines, company cards, and other layout jobs which perhaps are done one time only. Use the first seven function groups then.
List mode
This mode is dedicated to all users who want to or have to work with text styles in a high structured way. Use this mode if you need to use text styles again and again (e.g. in books, customer related jobs with fixed style presets, etc.). Use the last function group and the here callable large text style dialog then.
Smart mode
As the name indicates already, this mode is a smart compromise between the other modes mentioned before. In this mode you can work very free, sometimes even more effective than in the free mode. But hier you do not have to do without the structural advantages and the order of the list mode.

Now the switch groups of this dialog will be described, bringing them into relationship to the change modes described above:

Edit text styles

Here you can chose between the free resp. smart mode and the style list mode (list). Beginners often use the free text style mode only, but on the long run the style list mode has many advantages. Please take a view on the descriptions at the beginning of this chapter, too.

Free text styles

Free text styles will be created if you are not working in the list mode. These textstyles are part of the text style list in the current document once they are created. But Calamus removes them automatically as soon as they are not used anywhere in the document any longer.

Here you can define whether these free text styles should be visible in the list. With this switch group, you can define if you will only see list text styles or all other text styles which have been created in the free or smart mode, too.

Smart mode

The switch groups for smart mode are visible and selectable only if you did not chose the list mode above. In the first switch group you can select if the smart mode should be the default mode. If you chose Ask here, an alert box will appear each time you use the icon Change text style in order to change a text in one of the seven first function groups. You will then have to decide whether to use the smart mode in this case or not.

List text styles

Here you define whether the chosen smart mode may overwrite existing list text styles or rather protect them. If you chose Protect, new free text styles will be created instead of the list text styles.

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