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Edit text style

When you click this icon, the mammoth Edit text style dialog box appears:

In this dialog box you can see at a glance and change all the settings that are contained in the other seven Text style function groups!

So you can specify here the name of the text style, the font used as well as the character size. Both the font and the choice between Em-height, Versal or Designer height for specifying font sizes can be set via popups, which open when you click on the field.

The list at the left of the dialog shows all text styles used in the current document. Clicking on an entry selects it for editing. The small Internal field at the head of the list shows whether you are dealing with an internal (free) or list style mode. By clicking on this field or double-clicking on the list entry you can toggle the style's mode. An internal text style is identified by a preceding arrow in the list.

The triple-arrow buttons below the list are used to resort it. One click moves the selected entry one position up or down respectively. A click on the New button creates a new style while a click on Delete removes the selected entry. Also all selected text styles that are not used in the document are deleted from the list without further query. If the current selected text style is still in use, however, a popup appears containing all text styles in the list apart from the one to be deleted, allowing you select a replacement style by clicking on it.

You can also alter the settings for font colour, letter and word spacing, formatting as well as the type of kerning. Clicking on the name of a colour makes a popup menu appear in which you can select an entry from the list of colours used in the document. A click on the colour field itself calls up the Edit colour list dialog, where you can create a new colour for the list, or alter an existing one.

You can also set the parameters for the various text effects here in a clear and comprehensive way.

Only this dialog offers the possibility for altering the parameters for Superscript and Subscript text. The upper edit field sets the text size for super/subscripts, the lower sets the relative offset to the baseline: Positive values move the text further down, negative ones move it up. As usual a click on the unit of measurement toggles between relative and absolute dimensioning.

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HomeText style listSet text style parametersLoad text style file