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Working in the Text module

Before we come to the description of the tools used for these tasks, first a few words in general about working in the Text module:

One of the main tasks of the Text module is naturally to modify or edit the text. In the Text module you can enter text directly into the frame or delete it. In a similar way to the selectable frames in the Frame editing module, you can select portions of text and text rulers in the Text module. For this the mouse cursor can take several forms: If it is not positioned over a selected text frame it will take the shape of a pointing finger, and permit you to select a frame.

With an activated frame you can modify either the text itself, an associated text ruler, or the kerning of the letters. This is done either in the Text mode, when the mouse cursor will be displayed as an I-beam forming the so-called text cursor, or in the Ruler mode; here the mouse cursor will take the form of a small cross. You can switch between these two modes with the right mouse button, provided the cursor is over a selected frame.

You can switch to the Kerning mode by pressing the [Esc] key. Here you can adjust the separation between neighbouring characters in precise detail and position superscript and subscript characters accurately.

Cursor shapes in Text mode:

Cursor with no text frame selected

Text cursor

Ruler cursor

Kerning mode

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