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Kerning mode

In this mode of operation you can fine-tune the separation between characters (horizontally and vertically). Switch into Kerning mode by pressing the [Esc] key once. The cursor will now appear in an L shape. You can move this cursor with the arrow keys in the usual way and position it between the two characters whose separation is to be altered. If you now use the arrow keys while keeping [Shift] held down, the text to the right of the cursor will be moved by one screen pixel in the direction of the arrow marked on the key. If you hold down the [Control] key while pressing the arrow key, the movement will be by 8 pixels. With [Shift]+[Control] you can move the text by 32 screen pixels. The movement will of course not be saved in screen pixels but calculated to take the current display magnification into account, so that the WYSIWYG principle is retained. The larger the magnification of the screen is currently set, the smaller the actual displacement of the lettering will be.

Be aware that kerning moves all the following letters in the line; this is perhaps obvious for horizontal movement, but applies to up and down movement too!

To return to Text mode, just press the [Esc] key again.

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