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Ruler Mode

When you change from Text mode to Ruler mode (by clicking on the right mouse button) all text rulers on the current page will be displayed automatically. You can select any one of the rulers with the ruler cursor, which will then appear with a dark border like a selected frame. You can find the functions required for working with the ruler in the Rulers and Clipboard function groups. To switch from Ruler mode back to Text mode, click on the right mouse button again.

Each ruler may be assigned a ruler colour, which you can select from a list of 16 colours. This ruler colour will be displayed in Ruler mode as a small colour patch to the left of the ruler. By clicking on such a colour patch you can open a popup menu that shows you all currently existing rulers in the text ruler list. In this way you can replace the current ruler by another one quickly and without long detours.

A pre-programmed mouse action occurs when you double-click on the text ruler: The Ruler parameters dialog (see below) opens immediately, as if you had first activated the ruler and then clicked on the Edit text ruler icon (see below):

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